Cyber bullying
Cyber bullying is perpetrated by means of modern technology, amongst others, through emails, sms and social networking sites. What is particular about cyber bullying is that it is ongoing and can take place 24/7.
Annual Report Awareness Centre 2010 to 2012
This report outlines the initiatives undertaken by the Awareness Centre, as part of the BeSmartOnline! project. This project spanned 20 months starting in October 2010 until May 2012.
Year 3 Booklet- English version 
Year 3 Booklet- Maltese version 
Year 4 Booklet- English version 
Year 4 Booklet- Maltese version 
Year 5 Booklet- English version 
Year 5 Booklet- Maltese version 
Year 6 Booklet - English Version
Year 6 Booklet Maltese Version
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