The Hotline is an online reporting system which provides a secure and confidential environment where members of the public can anonymously report websites that host content related to online child abuse. Reports are received through . The Hotline is operated by Aġenzija Appoġġ, which collaborates with the Cyber Crime Unit of Malta Police Force and is a member of an International Association of Internet Hotlines called INHOPE.

1. What we do.

The Hotline’s role and mission is to use its expertise to work with partners to:


  •  Disrupt the availability of child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world;
  •   Protect children who are victims of sexual abuse from repeat victimisation and public identification;
  •  Prevent internet users from accidentally stumbling across child sexual abuse content; and
  •  Through our cooperation with International partners, help in identifying the victims involved in this abuse so that these children can be rescued.


 What kind of pictures or videos should be reported? 

  •   Images of children depicting erotic posing with no sexual activity
  •   Non-penetrative sexual activity between children or solo masturbation by a child 
  • Non-penetrative sexual activity between adults and children
  •   Penetrative sexual activity involving a child or children, or both children and adults 
  •   Sadism or penetration of or by an animal.

 The Hotline team urges the public to report even if you are not sure whether the video of photo involves minors. Your action can help rescue an abused child.

 2. What we can help you with.

 Aġenzija Appoġġ’s Hotline Team has multiple roles. It operates the online reporting system which receives online reports related to child sexual abuse material; whilst also handling calls received through Supportline 179 related to the same topic. The Team participates actively in  awareness campaigns and events, and participates in internet safety education programmes in schools to promote the use of the helpline and hotline. Moreover, the team:

  •   Receives and asses reports related to Child Indecent Material online.
  • Receives calls related to cyberbullying, grooming, hacked profiles, sexting and addiction through the 179 helpline.
  • Supports the identified victims.
  • Participates in International meetings such as Insafe meetings and Inhope meetings.
  • Collaborates with the Cyber Crime Unit – Malta Police Force.

3. How you can reach out to us.

To report please press on the report button found on this page, or you can go directly to

4. What happens after you contact the Helpline.




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