Online Behaviour Related To Child Abuse
1 Mar 2018
Online Behaviour related to Child Abuse is being organised and held by Childwebalert – a hotline service operated by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services as part of the BeSmartOnline! project. 
The aim of this seminar is to equip professionals in the field of social work, education, and law enforcement who work directly with young children and teens to understand the dark side of online child sexual abuse.
Michael Sheath, from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, who has been working with sexual offenders and sexual abuse since 1987, will be sharing with us his knowledge when dealing with internet offenders of child sexual abuse.  
We will also take a look at the local scene. Childwebalert will be sharing its knowledge regarding this area on the kind of cases that are reported and raising discussion on the latest trends that are continuously being developed. 
Although it’s true access to the Internet has given us access to a rich world of information filled with useful information and many wonderful things, the Internet also has a dark side that might be unsuitable for youths.
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